June 2023


French Bay of Biscay

When we left Bénodet, we accidentally ended up (again!) in the middle of a regatta. Many classic wooden sailboats of various sizes accompanied us a bit south escorted by a jury boat to the start of the competition. This time as well, the wind was non-existent and several of the boats were towed as they lacked engines. Many of the boats were very beautiful and resembled delicate seed pods with sai ...

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To Biscay!

We remained in L'aber Wrac'h for four days because of the fog. There were hardly any boats that could get out of the harbor but the more that came in and waited for the fog to lift. Perhaps not so much fun for all sailors, but the harbor master was particularly pleased with all the jetties and the buoys occupied. Once the weather cleared we sailed to Île d'Ouessant, a beautiful island off the nor ...

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To Brittany!

We left Padstow and anchored in St. Ives. Then we sailed to the Isles of Scilly. On the way to Scilly we saw Nessie! Hard to tell in the haze though...😉 After a night at the largest island of Scilly we crossed the English Channel and after 24h of sailing (and motoring) we arrived, quite tired, at the northwest coast of France and a small port at L'aber Wrac'h in Landéda, Brittany. The most dra ...

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Once the lock gate to Padstow marina was repaired and the tide permitted, we were able to get a place on the jetty during the evening. The weather was getting worse so it was crowded with an unusual number of boats in the harbor. The harbor master ran back and forth to direct the boats to their places. There was also a dinghy sail race going on with small boats with red sails (Redwing Dinghies?). ...

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Southwest of Wales and England

In Wales we stopped at an island, Skomer Island, a bird sanctuary and paradise for seabirds and especially the Atlantic puffin. We anchored at a small cove and lay there for two nights just enjoying the bird life that swarmed around us. We didn't go ashore but kept a safe distance not to disturb the birds. Unfortunately, it was therefore difficult to take good pictures, but we carry the experience ...

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Dublin and the East coast of Ireland

The first place in Ireland that we arrived to was the island of Lambay where we anchored for the night. It had been a calm sailing in light winds during the day so we were looking forward to an equally calm night at anchor. Alas, how we were deceived! If it's windy in Ireland, you can't escape anywhere! The windspeed increased in the evening and even though we moored on the leeward side of the isl ...

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