September 2023


Porto Santo

After careful studies of the weather and wind forecasts for the sailing to the Madeira archipelago, we expected to arrive after 3.5 days. Full of anticipation and well equipped for a multi-day crossing, we set sail one morning. The wind was supposed to come from the northeast and give us a pleasant crossing. However, after two days with a steady south-westerly wind, we began to despair. We had bee ...

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Readers are warned of a slightly longer text than usual. Lisbon, like Porto, is a melting pot of old and new, poor and rich. Like Rome, Lisbon is said to have been built on seven hills and is one of Europe's oldest cities with a history that stretches back long before the birth of Christ. The various districts have basically merged with the city center and to facilitate access to higher, resp. in ...

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Figueira and Nazaré

Anastacia was reorganized after our guests had left Porto and the next stop was Aveiro. We anchored together with some other sailors next to the beach at São Jacinto where there was a military base with aircraft and infantry. Small fast motorboats shuttled with what we believe were command transports. We were also soon visited by the Portuguese Maritime Police who inquired about who we were and w ...

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