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August 2023



To avoid killer whales along the coast of Portugal, the recommendation for sailors is to stay within 20 m of depth. The only problem is that in these shallow coastal waters there are many fishing buoys and fishing nets which must be avoided and which are not visible at night. We left Vigo with the intention of stopping and anchoring halfway before reaching Porto as it was over 60 nautical miles di ...

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After La Coruña we sailed further south. With almost no wind we had to motoring for a while before the wind increased and we could set sail. We saw different groups of dolphins greeting us and unfortunately, we also came across a dead, younger dolphin floating in the water. However, a slightly larger group swam for a long time by our boat and surfed the waves after Anastacia. A British sailboat g ...

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La Coruña (A Coruña)

Finally, we got away from Santander. We had beautiful weather but unfortunately too little wind and a very bumpy sea and had to go by motor a lot. The plan was to anchor at some river mouth or sheltered beach on the way west but all the places we had planned for, turned out not to offer enough protection from the waves. We had to rethink and instead prepared to sail also at night. Later in the eve ...

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" Sailing - The fine art of slowly going nowhere at great expense while being cold, wet and miserable. "